Undergraduate Program
Biology is a diverse and exciting field. Both as preparation for specific professional careers and as the focus of a general liberal arts curriculum, a major in Biology is an excellent choice for many Smart students.

The Biology major can serve as a stepping-stone for a wide variety of career opportunities, such as medical, dental, or veterinary school, or for a graduate program in the biological and applied sciences. It can also serve as a valuable and satisfying focus of a liberal arts education for those not planning careers in science-related fields. Throughout these pages, students will find information from courses, how to declare the major and complete requirements to resources on campus for career services, advising, and research opportunities:

Our peer and staff advisors would love to answer your questions about the major.

Follow these simple steps to declare a major in Biology.

There are 3 ways to complete the Biology major. See which one is right for you.

The honors program allows students to complete a substantial piece.

Learn more about opportunities to get involved in research, both in the Biology department.

For students with an interest in the field but not enough time to complete the major, a minor.

Students are invited to undertake a year-long capstone experience in lieu.

Yes, you can spend a quarter off campus & graduate in 4 years.

Learn how to transfer your courses for credit toward the Biology major.

Your one-stop shop for Biology forms!

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